Multiple Document Location support, Ability to create folders, Support for delimiters–Introducing version 3.0 of our Sharepoint Metadata Manager and Attachment Extractor

Debajit's Dynamic CRM Blog

Very excited to announce the release of Version 3.0 of our tool today.

What’s new in this version?

Now our tool supports multiple document location for each record. By default, the documents are uploaded in the default document location. However user could go ahead and create a new document location for the record and upload.



New Document location Creation screen.


The tool now provides a feature to create folders in Sharepoint within a document location or within other folder to any level deep. This allows you to categorize your documents into document sets.




Traditionally # has always been treated as a delimiter for URL and hence folder and file names with # in it were not allowed in it until recently when the capability was added to Sharepoint. Our tool now leverages it and allows users to create file and folder with #. Also the URL encoding escape character %…

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